MCQ Questions For Class 3

MCQs Class 3

Students can refer to MCQ Questions for Class 3 provided below. All MCQs have been prepared based on the chapters given in NCERT book for Class 3. You should solve these questions and compare your answers with the solutions provided below by our teachers. The MCQs for Grade 3 have been updated based on the latest syllabus and examination guidelines issued by CBSE, NCERT and KVS.

Class 3 MCQs with Answers

Please click on the chapter wise links below to get free multiple choice questions for all topics covered in Class 3. By practicing these questions you will be able to revise the entire course and also test your understanding

Subject wise MCQ Questions for Class 3

The above multiple choice questions have been developed by a team of expert teachers in class 3. The book questions are very useful for students who are trying to appear in the upcoming class 3examination.  The questions have been developed based on the most updated guidelines which have been recently issued by CBSE relating to multiple choice questions coming in examinations. 

Students should read through the entire chapter given in their NCERT book and then test their understanding, they should refer to the chapter wise objective questions given above. students should themselves solve the questions and then compare their answers with the solutions that we have provided. These MCQs are going to be very useful for students as this will help them to revise the entire chapter and also help to find areas for improvement which they can refer to prior to the exams to get good marks.

Where can I get MCQ Questions for Class 3?

On our website, we have provided free MCQ Questions for Class 3 with answers for all chapters in your book

Are these MCQs based on the latest NCERT Book for Class 3?

Yes, we have provided the latest MCQs based on the most updated book for Class 3

Can I download the MCQs for Class 3 and use later?

Yes you can copy or download all objective questions for Class 3 and use them later

Have you covered all topics given in my textbook for Grade 3 ?

Yes, our teachers have covered all important topics given in every chapter of textbook of Class 3