DK Goel Solutions


One of the most popular texts for accountancy used by commerce students in classes 11 and 12 is DK Goel Solutions. Students may easily prepare for and review all chapters thanks to the clarity and detail of the DK Goel Accounting answers for classes 11 and 12. The DK Goel Accountancy solutions ought to be used for board exams as well. Easy-to-understand writing has been used for the solutions. First-time readers of Accountancy in class eleven commerce. They build a solid foundation in accounting using DK Goel’s Class 11 textbook. There are 27 chapters in this book that cover the fundamentals of accounting in detail. Teachers have regularly suggested this book to students. Before trying to answer the questions, students need first fully understand the principles covered in each chapter.

DK Goel Solutions Class 12

Class 12 Solutions Part A – Volume 1

Chapter 1: Financial Statements of Non-profit Organisation
Chapter 2: Fundamentals of partnership Firms
Chapter 3: Change in Profit sharing ratio of Partners
Chapter 4: Admission of a Partner
Chapter 5: Retirement or Death of a Partner
Chapter 6: Dissolution of Partnership
Chapter 7: Company Accounts Accounting for Share Capital
Chapter 8: Company Accounts Issue of Debentures
Chapter 9: Company Accounts Redemption of Debentures

Class 12 Solutions Part B – Volume 2

Chapter 1: Financial Statements of a Company (As Per Schedule III)
Chapter 2: Financial Statement Analysis
Chapter 3: Tools for Financial Analysis: Comparative Statements
Chapter 4: Common Size Statements
Chapter 5: Accounting Ratios
Chapter 6: Cash Flow Statement

DK Goel Solutions Class 11

Chapter 1: Meaning and Objectives of Accounting

Chapter 2: Basic Accounting Terms

Chapter 3: Accounting Principles

Chapter 4: Process and Bases of Accounting

Chapter 5: Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Chapter 6: Accounting Equations

Chapter 7: Double Entry System

Chapter 8: Origin of Transactions: Source Documents of Accountancy

Chapter 9: Books of Original Entry – Journal

Chapter 10: Accounting for Goods and Service Tax (GST)

Chapter 11: Books of Original Entry – Cash Book

Chapter 12: Books of Original Entry – Special Purpose Subsidiary Books

Chapter 13: Ledger

Chapter 14: Trial Balance and Errors

Chapter 15: Bank Reconciliation Statement

Chapter 16: Depreciation

Chapter 17: Provisions and Reserves

Chapter 18: Bills of Exchange

Chapter 19: Rectification of Errors

Chapter 20: Capital and Revenue

Chapter 21: Financial Statements

Chapter 22: Financial Statements – With Adjustments

Chapter 23: Accounts from Incomplete Records

Chapter 24: Introduction to Computers

Chapter 25: Introduction to Accounting Information System

Chapter 26: Computerised Accounting System

Chapter 27: Accounting Software package: Tally

DK Goel solutions’ importance for board classes:-

D.K Goel Solutions For kids studying commerce, class 12 offers a comprehensive package. One of the most important years in a student’s life is class twelve. It’s crucial to perform well on the Class 12 board exams if you want to advance in your academic career. Your Class 12 % will be crucial in the future if you are a commerce student hoping to craft a successful career in fields like CA, CS, CFP, and others. Starting in Class 12, students who want to enroll in a prominent institution to advance their academic careers must have clear objectives. Students must get some exceptional marks in order to secure a spot in some of the best institutions

Accountancy frequently causes fear in business students. But one of the main topics in commerce is accounting. Therefore, if you are a candidate for commerce, you cannot just disregard the subject because it has a substantial impact on your overall Class 12 percentage. Therefore, the ideal strategy is to start preparing for accounting in Class 12 itself. Accountancy in Class 12 has a broad syllabus with many distinct themes, ideas, and problems. It’s crucial to follow a guide if you want to do well in Class 12. The majority of commerce students have always considered DK Goel Solutions Class 12 to be the greatest study guide. In order to convey in the most straightforward and understandable way possible, the solution incorporates all of the Class 12 Accounting course’s essential elements. As a result, the student appreciates the solutions’ rich substance, which helps them effortlessly resolve even the most challenging problems.

The Advantages Of DK Goel Solutions:-

The top accounting faculties created DK Goel Solutions Class 12. The faculties have structured the solutions following months of effective investigation and analysis of the question papers from the previous year.

The answers to each question provided by the solutions are entirely true and comprehensive. It covers every topic in the Class 12 Accountancy syllabus while emphasizing the most important ones. All of these subjects should be studied by students since they have a high likelihood of appearing in tests.

To make navigation simple, the answers are organized by chapter and are well-structured. Volumes 1 and 2 of the DK Goel solutions are broken into two sections. Both portions cover a wide range of crucial subjects centered on the ideas of partnership businesses and financial statements.

The top faculties have been prepared with a brief explanation of each issue To make studying simpler and more accessible, the greatest professors provide succinct explanations of each topic along with some fascinating examples from real-life situations.

A variety of questions, from easy to difficult, are included in the solutions. Therefore, if the students can answer all of these questions, they will have a thorough understanding of the Class 12 Accountancy themes.

Why Is It Important For Students To Learn All Class 12 Accounting Topics?:-

Effective accounting instruction in Class 12 not only helps pupils get high scores in board exams, but also gets them ready for future employment. All these subjects will help the kids with their further education when they graduate from Class 12. Here are the main arguments for adhering to the Class 12 syllabus:

The exposure to a wide variety of financial statement ideas and theories benefits the students in higher grades .Briefings are given to them on the foundational accounting procedures, calculations, ideas, and more. They pick up many useful abilities, such as the ability to reason clearly and solve problems, among many others.

They learn all there is to know about information technology and how it is used in accounting.

Do DK Goel Solutions Study Materials Suffice To Prepare Students For Success In The Class 12 Exams?

Although the Class 12 accounting syllabus is fully covered by DK Goel Solutions, students still need to use numerous study tools to research areas that are outside of their comfort zone. They can start with NCERT, which is referred to as the best resource for CBSE pupils. They may then change to DK Goel Solutions to refine their knowledge and unravel certain crucial topics for Class 12 Accountancy.

DK Goel Covers Significant Class 12 Accounting Topics:-

There are countless ideas, theories, and formulae in the field of accounting. However, getting good test results is rather simple if you use the right study strategy. Most students struggle without an effective mentor and receive subpar grades. Therefore, the straightforward solution to this issue is to begin preparing for Accountancy from the beginning of Class 12 and emphasize the crucial themes.


There are many other kinds of books that the professors have recommended, but the textbook that NCERT has produced based on the CBSE syllabus is the most significant book that pupils typically read every day. There are several additional publications available, like the DK Goel Accountancy book. This will assist the students in ensuring that they fully comprehend the concepts presented here based on the chapter notes. Additionally, if they are able to review the chapters from these authoritative books and also solve complex problems from these crucial books, it is very likely that they will be able to achieve excellent results in the upcoming class 12 board examinations for accountancy.