Class 12 Economics Notes And Questions

Class 12 Economics Notes And Questions

CBSE Notes Class 12

Students can refer to the chapter-wise Class 12 Economics Notes and important solved questions given below. Our expert faculty has prepared these notes based on the latest syllabus and NCERT books for the current academic session. All important topics have been explained properly which will be easy for Class 12 Economics students to understand. You should go through these revision notes in PDF prior to your tests or exams. This will help you to quickly learn all concepts.

Notes and Questions for CBSE Class 12 Economics

Revising notes and important examination questions with answers for Class 12 Economics is the best way to understand all concepts given in your NCERT book for class 12 Economics. It is important for students to understand all topics in each chapter of Economics in Class 12 properly. This will help you to answer questions correctly and get good marks in examinations.

Chapter wise notes for CBSE Class 12 Economics

Important Questions NCERT Class 12 Economics Introductory Macroeconomics

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 National Income Accounting
Chapter 3 Money and Banking
Chapter 4 Income Determination and Employment
Chapter 5 Government Budget and The Economy
Chapter 6 Foreign Exchange Rate and Balance of Payments

Important Questions NCERT Class 12 Economics Introductory Microeconomics

Theory of Demand
Price Elasticity of Demand
Consumer Equilibrium- Utility Analysis
Consumer Equilibrium Indifference Curve Analysis
Producer Behaviour and Supply
Price Elasticity of Supply
Production Function and Returns to Factor
Theory of Cost
Concepts of Revenue
Producer Equilibrium
Forms of Market
Market Equilibrium under Perfect Competition and Effects of Shifts in Demand and Supply
Economics and Economy
Class 12 Economics Notes And Questions

The Notes and questions given above for each chapter in your CBSE NCERT book for Grade 12th Economics have been designed by our Economics teachers for standard 12. All revision notes have been prepared based o the latest curriculum for the current year. Students should carefully read the chapter-wise notes which cover all important topics. This will help them to learn all concepts. As Economics is a very scoring subject in Grade 12. Students should spend more time on this subject.

To help the students to get more marks in Grade 12 Economics Exams, we have ensured that all notes are easy to understand. All important and difficult topics have been explained in a step-by-step manner.

Frequently Asked Questions by Students

Where can I download the latest Notes for each chapter of Class 12 Economics?

We have provided PDF notes for every chapter and topic covered in your NCERT Book for Class 12 Economics on our website.

Have you provided important questions which can come in exams for standard 12 Economics?

Yes, our teachers are have prepared important questions and answers for all chapters in your CBSE book for Class 12 covering all chapters.

Can I download all notes for all chapters in Economics for Class 12th in PDF?

Yes, you can read the notes online or download in PDF to take out a print and use them later.

How to get very short quick revision handwritten notes which I can use for Grade 12 Economics?

You can download all the concepts for each chapter in standard 12th Economics from our website.