MCQ Questions For Class 12 India’s External Relations

Question. Which Article of the Indian Constitution lays down some Directive Principles of State Policy on ‘Promotion of international peace and security’?(a) Article 53(b) Article 51(c) Article 50(d) Article 52      B Question. Which of the following statements are correct with respect to international context?(a) Free India’s Foreign Policy reflected all these concerns in […]

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MCQ Questions For Class 12 Challenges of Nation Building

Question. Which of the following is not a contributory factor for development?(a) Abundance of national resources(b) Character of people(c) Frequent and free elections(d) Level of technology  Question. In India, planning was conceived as the main instrument of which of the following?(a) Political development(b) Cultural development(c) Social development(d) Socio-economic development    Question. How many Five Year […]

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MCQ Questions For Class 12 The End of Bipolarity

Question. Which was the first Soviet Republic to declare its independence from Soviet Russia?(a) Georgia(b) Moldova(c) Lithuania(d) Armenia    Question. Consider the following statements regarding features of Soviet system and select the correct statements.(i) The Soviet system was very bureaucratised and authoritarian in nature.(ii) The Soviet economy witnessed huge development and growth.(iii) State Treasury had […]

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MCQs for Class 3 Science

Question. Lakshay paid ₹ 895 for 2 teddy bears, 4 toy cars and 3 toy aeroplanes. What was the cost of each toy aeroplane? (a) ₹ 103(b) ₹ 133(c) ₹ 266(d) ₹ 113 Question. Question. The given figure shows phases of the Moon as seen from the Earth surface (as shown with arrow point). The following statements […]

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MCQ Questions For Class 8 Science

Question. Ultrasonic waves are used in SONAR to(A) Detect the frequency of the waves(B) Detect the radio waves(C) Detect objects on sea bed(D) (A) and (C) both Question. Why are percussion instruments are widely used to keep beats in a musical composition?(A) Because range of frequencies and pitches produced by these instruments is very large(B) […]

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MCQ Questions For Class 3

Students can refer to MCQ Questions for Class 3 provided below. All MCQs have been prepared based on the chapters given in NCERT book for Class 3. You should solve these questions and compare your answers with the solutions provided below by our teachers. The MCQs for Grade 3 have been updated based on the […]

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